General Information

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 7:55a.m.-2:05p.m.
Wednesday  - 7:55a.m.-1:05p.m.

Office, Health Room, Counselors – 327-4308
PCNC Facilitator – 327-4345

In case of absence, please inform the school by sending a note to the teacher through
brother/sister or a friend’s child, stating the reason for the absence; or send a note with
your child upon his/her return to school. Notification of impending long term or
emergency absences must be cleared with a written letter addressed to the principal at
least one week prior to the absence of the child. Send the letter to the child’s teacher
who will forward it to the office. Parents are reminded that frequent absences may lead
to a referral to the family court.

It is important that children come to school on time. If your child should be tardy, send
him/her to the school office with a note explaining the reason for tardiness. Children
coming to school tardy will not be eligible for Perfect Attendance Award.

Parents, please be sure to complete both sides of the EMERGENCY CARD for each
child in school, and include contacts other than parents. If in the future there are any
changes in the information that you have given us on this form, especially phone
numbers, please be sure to contact us immediately.

Student breakfast $ 1.00              Student lunch $ 2.25
Reduced breakfast $ 0.30            Reduced lunch $ 0.40
Adult breakfast $ 2.20               Adult lunch $ 5.00

Please do not send medication to school with your child. The form SHS-36 must be
filled out by the doctor and parent and returned to the Health Room before we can
accept any medication for short and/or long term. When authorized, parents need to
deliver all medications to the health room. Parents will need to have a pass to enter the
parking lot to drop off medication. Our Health Aide distributes the passes for this
purpose only. If the Health Aide is not available, medication must be signed in at the

Parents, please help our office staff by sending a note for early release to the
office with your child in the morning. It will save you time when you come to pick
your child up at school. When you send a note to school please have the
following information included on the note: date, child’s name, room number,
teacher’s name, time you will be picking the child up, reason for early release,
the person picking the child up, and parent signature. Students must be checked
out at the school office, they will not be released from their classrooms without an
official office release form. All parents, volunteers, and visitors to school must
first check into the office for clearance and signing in. Items such as homework,
lunch, etc. for students may be left in the office for delivery.

Classroom visits must be pre-arranged with the teacher, preferable with 24 hour

•Volunteers must follow “Volunteer Guidelines.”